3 sept 2021
brockwell park
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Gary, Indiana

Gary, Indiana is the experimental project of Scott Fair, Valentine Caulfield and Liam Stewart. The band have released two singles (“Pashto” and “Berlin”) since teaming up through the prolific Manchester music scene in 2018.

Intentionally raw production from Fair combined with a heady interest in the more macabre elements of literature and film (the band cites the work of filmmakers and writers such as Gaspar Noe, Leos Caraz and Irvine Welsh as inspiration) come together to present a vision that skews the lines between post punk and the rave. True to the grit of Northern England, Caulfield’s vocals in her native French contribute an immersive layer of performance art and poetry that bring the spirit of the avant garde to life. Slipping in and out of the abrasive qualities of noise, industrial and techno, their music recalls essential live acts such as Giant Swan and Minimal Violence as well as the unconventional guitar work of Girl Band and Housewives.




"Gary, Indiana
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