27-28 may 2022
brockwell park
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Primal Scream


Primal Scream‘s career has been a series of adventures that have seen the band recording era-defining albums like 1991’s Screamadelica, digging deep into the past to excavate classic rock tropes, and playing music that sounds like it was beamed in from the future. No matter what path they follow, their love of music and daredevil spirit never wane. Formed by vocalist Bobby Gillespie, they started off playing a Byrds-like brand of indie pop that jangled with all the sweetness that Gillespie’s former group the Jesus and Mary Chain lacked. In a move the group repeated over and over, they changed sounds drastically, becoming hard rockers à la the Stooges. Swept up in the blossoming acid house scene, and with the help of producers like Andrew Weatherall (who worked on their landmark single “Loaded”), the Orb, and Jimmy Miller, they created a sound that mixed indie pop, country ballads, techno, dub, and psychedelia on Screamadelica. The album broke down musical boundaries, helped fuse the techno and indie scenes, and made the band worldwide stars. From there, the group shifted gears relentlessly, swerving from straight-ahead boogie rock on 1994’s Give Out But Don’t Give Up to electro rock on 1997’s Vanishing Point to experimental noise on 2000’s XTRMNTR in what seemed like a breathless rush. The band continued this unpredictable pattern as they gained legendary status, alternating new albums like 2013’s More Light — which bends genres with the same flair as Screamadelica — with commemorative reissues like Demodelica, a rarities collection released as part of Screamadelica’s 30th anniversary.

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