27-28 may 2022
brockwell park
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Unschooling check off all the right post-punk boxes — twin guitars that twist and turn in angular fashion, anxious rhythms, and anguished vocals — and add a healthy amount of energetic melody to the mix. Their debut tape, Defensive Designs, showed great promise, and 2021’s Random Acts of Total Control EP made good on it.

The band formed in Rouen, France around the songwriting, singing, and guitar playing of Vincent Février, who had previously played with MNNQNS and Delancey. The rest of the quartet were drawn from local bands and included the drum work of Février’s fellow MNNQNS member Marc Lebreuilly. The group self-released a nine-song cassette in 2019 titled Defensive Designs, which made a splash in their home country’s indie scene. Unschooling issued a single — “Twelve”/”Don’t Sneeze” — in late 2020. The Paris label Howlin’ Banana, home to some of France’s most acclaimed bands, took notice and offered to release the group’s next recording. The five-song Random Acts of Total Control EP came out in April 2021 and established the band as at the forefront of the post-punk revivalists of their day.