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Wide Awake Festival Positive Policy

Wide Awake festival aims to build action, change and partnerships in climate, carbon, local causes and air pollution.

Our positive policy recognises that the entertainment industry could do more towards the climate, carbon and air pollution. Wide Awake is going to look at how and what changes can be made at our festival over the next 3 years to make a positive change. We hope to find solutions that can make us carbon neutral, give support to local causes and not create any air pollution.

Each year we will conduct a study with help from experts in the areas of climate, carbon and air pollution on what can be better, and look at steps to achieve this. We will build a report and share what has been achieved each year and what could be better for the following year. Our reports will be open-sourced, allowing our learnings, research and methods to be shared across the entertainment industry.

The debate on whether climate action should be taken by industries, governments or individuals is a topic that could go on forever, and we think it should be done by all. Less debate and more action are needed now. The carbon footprint being left by each individual in Europe is around 8.4 t CO2 per year and it has been recommended that we need to achieve 0.600 t CO2 per person to halt climate change – the change needed by us all is massive.

Wide Awake will start the process now by commencing our positive policy and creating a Climate Café at the festival. The Climate Café will host a day of talks, films, music (both live and DJ), with ethically sourced food and drinks. We all want to do the right thing, and we hope the Climate Café will help us all digest what that is.

We have already committed our festival to bury zero waste in the landfill sites, leave no trace of litter. We have banned single-use plastic, we will only allow compostable packaging and cutlery onsite, all traders and back of house waste will be recycled and our stage effects will be biodegradable. We have started the process and over the next 3 years, we will be making more and more changes.

Our Positive Policy is open to good ideas, technology breakthrough, clever insight and help from the people who also recognise that we all must change now.

Wide Awake Festival Team


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